Mark Wolf, Chair of Integrity Initiatives International (III), speaks on BBC's HARDtalk about the need for an International Anti-Corruption Court

For International Anti-Corruption Day, celebrated every year on December 9th, III’s supporters and partners from around the world - the former President of Colombia, the head of Transparency International Mongolia, a Member of Parliament of Ukraine, and more - have shared their testimonies of why the world needs an International Anti-Corruption Court.

Profile on III board member Justice Richard Goldstone

Paul Hoffman of Accountability Now on the need for an All Africa Anti-Corruption Court

III Chair Mark Wolf discusses the Ukrainian High Anti-Corruption Court and the IACC with Hromadske

III Chair Mark Wolf on BBC’s HARDTalk

III Chair Mark Wolf debates the concept of the IACC with Harvard Law School Professor Matthew Stephenson on the “Bribe, Swindle, or Steal” Podcast by TRACE International

The desire for honest, transparent, and accountable government knows no bounds. The people of Ukraine want and need help to oust corrupt leaders. With activists willing to sacrifice for this cause, the rest of the world can do more.
— Christian Science Monitor

“It is time for an International Anti-Corruption Court” by Richard Goldstone and Paul Hoffman of South Africa

Entebbe Workshop Resolutions on the African Legal Frameworks for Preventing, Combating, Investigating, Prosecuting and Punishing the Corrupt

Mark Wolf's "The World Needs an International Anti-Corruption Court" published in Dædalus, the Journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

Justice Richard Goldstone and Dr. Robert Rotberg make the case for the International Anti-Corruption Court on the Global Anticorruption Blog

Corruption is not the absence of laws against corruption, but the inability of legal institutions to apply the law against corrupt officials
— Day After India
The problem of corruption is not the absence of laws against corruption, but the inability of legal institutions to apply the law against corrupt officials and accomplices
— India Today

Mark Wolf gives keynote speech at Inaugural Corruption and Human Rights Symposium at the Harvard Kennedy School's Carr Center 

Jose Ugaz joins Integrity Initiatives International Board

Integrity Initiatives International receives grant from National Endowment for Democracy 

According to the OECD, corruption costs more than five percent of global gross domestic product. In other words, what developing nations receive in foreign aid is just one-tenth of what they lose in illicit financial flows.
— ABC Australia's Fran Kelly Interview with Mark Wolf
There’s almost a complete correlation between the countries that have the most corrupt leadership and those that are most abusive of their citizens’ human rights.
— Mark Wolf in an interview with ABC Australia
Grand corruption costs the global economy countless billions every year, but is the world doing enough to tackle the issue?
— Asia and the Pacific Policy Society interview with Mark Wolf

Contributors to the American Academy of Arts & Sciences quarterly publication Daedalus met on June 25-27, 2017 to discuss their contributions to the publication's "Anti-Corruption" issue that aspires to compile best practices on anti-corruption efforts. III Chair and U.S. District Court Judge Mark L. Wolf spoke on a panel titled, 'Challenging Corrupt Practices: America, Brazil, Globally.'


Because corrupt countries usually endure corrupt judiciaries...and because prosecuting perpetrators of venal or grand corruption is often an exercise in futility...[t]he establishment of an International Anti-Corruption Court (IACC) to fulfill those needs thus makes eminently good sense.
— Robert Rotberg in his new book, "The Corruption Cure: How Citizens and Leaders Can Combat Graft" (Princeton University Press, 2017)
Corruption is illegal in all counties and is intimately linked to the lack of respect of human rights.
— La Prensa
Las redes de corrupción florecen gracias a la impunidad que se genera cuando los líderes de una nación no permiten que funcionen las leyes para castigar a sus colegas, amigos, familiares y, principalmente, a ellos mismos.
Two trillion dollars are paid annually on bribes - the elicit flow of money from corruption is enormous
— BBC Newshour Extra
We need an anti-corruption court to stamp out corruption
— The Washington Post
The case for an international anti-corruption court
— The Brookings Institute

There are some forms of corruption so grave and whose effect on human life, human rights and human welfare are so catastrophic that they should shock the conscience of the international community and mobilize the will of nations to act across borders
— Global Organization of Parliamentarians Against Corruption (GOPAC)
Judge Mark Wolf’s proposal for an international anti-corruption court is something Human Rights Watch believes could be a valuable step forward
— Human Rights Watch

It’s time for Canada to back an international anti-corruption court
— The Globe and Mail
UN Called on to establish International Anti-Corruption Court
— The Jakarta Post
Corruption has opened the door to al-Shabaab in Kenya
— The Guardian
[A] new proposal that is making the rounds in world legal circles — creation of an International Anti-Corruption Court.
— Miami Herald
The movement for creation of an anti-corruption court is just beginning. Let’s hope it takes off

— El Pais, Uruguay
Corrupt regimes provide safe havens for criminals like drug lords in Mexico and terrorists in places like Afghanistan and Yemen.
— The American Interest
A multilateral body will be empowered to probe allegations of corruption in the spending on the fight against Boko Haram
— The Guardian

Most of the corruption is at a grand corruption scale; due to impunity
— Peter Wandera, Transparency International Uganda

Proposal for international anti-corruption court seeing “significant” momentum
— Inter Press Service
Campaign grows for an international anti-corruption court
— The Globalist

Those who oppose corruption in Russia...are being prosecuted
— The Honorable Mark Wolf

There is no place for dirty money in Britain
— David Cameron